Best Law Firm in America?

Greg Boles
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Take with a grain of salt any claim attorneys make that their law firm is the "best workers' compensation firm in Pennsylvania" or even more absurd, the “best law firm in America.”

A firm that specializes in workers' compensation and social security disability is the best law firm in America?  Really?  Better than Sullivan & Cromwell, whose worldwide offices provide services to megabanks, gigantic companies, pension funds, and national governments?

These claims are downright silly.

What you need to care about is the reputation and professionalism of the attorney who handles your case.

Does your lawyer prepare witnesses (and questions) in advance?  Are all medical records obtained and put together in an easy-to-follow format so that your physician will testify effectively?  Does the attorney prepare carefully for cross examination of the insurance company's doctor?  Does your lawyer write well?  Does your case move quickly?  What is your attorney's professional reputation?  How does he rate on AVVO?  Martindale Hubbel?

So often people think they're going to be represented by the big-shot lawyer on television when they're really going to be represented by an inexperienced and underpaid lawyer just a few years out of law school.  Their cases are rushed, witnesses are not prepared carefully, cross-examination of the doctors is routine, and the preparation for medical depositions inadequate.  To top it all off, briefs and proposed findings submitted to the judges are poorly done.

More often than not, firms that boast about how good they are try cases half-heartedly, figuring they'll win an acceptable percentage of cases. This is small comfort to someone who deserves the best representation and whose family depends upon the lawyer to help them put food on the table.

If a firm feels it has to claim that it’s the best workers' compensation law firm in Pennsylvania or the best law firm in America, it probably isn’t.

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