Boeing Settles Toxic Air Lawsuit

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            In an amazing development, a former US Airways flight attendant has settled a lawsuit against Boeing Company for using a faulty aircraft design that caused toxic air to be mixed in cabin air. 

            Contrary to popular belief, the air that comes into the cabins of Boeing aircraft is "bled" from the engines.  Thee air that enters the engine is used by the aircraft not only to feed burning fuel, it is "bled off" the inside of the engine and is released unfiltered into the aircraft cabin and cockpit.  Flight attendants and other aircraft personnel have been complaining for years that following toxic fume events, they suffered tremors, memory loss, severe headaches and other symptoms, some of them crippling.  Boeing and the airline industry have long claimed the air is completely safe inside these aircraft, but documents dating 1954 and '55 released in the litigation demonstrate that Boeing was aware of the problem of cabin air contamination.  The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner will not have a bleed air system.  For more on this story, click here:

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