Burning Fuel in Airline Cabin Air Causes Severe Passenger and Flight Attendant illnesses on American Airlines Flight

Greg Boles
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    As I am sure many of you heard, a recent fume event on American Airlines AA109, was severe enough to cause a stewardess to faint and several other people to become ill, including an older gentleman who threw up over himself.  This was almost certainly a fume event, as the sickness that swept the aircraft was immediately preceded by the smell of burning fumes.  Air in the cabin is bled off the engines unfiltered.  If there are oil leaks in the engine, the smoke from the oil makes its way into the cabin. There is a growing body of evidence that these fume events are the cause of serious pulmonary and neurological injuries.

    The APFA and many others have been working around the clock to try and get a handle on the latest fume events.  I will keep people posted on what I hear, and I would appreciate receiving any information on these events.

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