Certified Nursing Assistants in Nursing Homes

Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) are an essential part of the long term care workforce, but more than 60% of CNAs working in nursing homes experience work related injuries, according to a study conducted by researchers at RTI International.

The study found that 60.2% of all CNAs nationally reported a work-related injury in the year prior to the survey. Among the injured CNAs, 65.8% reported being injured more than once in the past year, 16% required a transfer to light duty work, and 24% were unable to work because of their injury.

The injuries range from cuts and back injuries to black eyes and even bites, and resulted from a variety of causes, including lifting; bathing and handling residents; resident aggression; and accidents involving facility equipment.

One unexpected finding of this study was that the availability and use of lifting equipment did not significantly change the likelihood of being injured, once individual characteristics are controlled for.

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