Chaos in Pennsylvania UC Call Centers

Greg Boles
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For injured workers who’s Workers' Comp claims have been denied, delayed receipt of unemployment compensation may result in financial ruin. Because the Senate refused to act on a House bill allocating funds for Unemployment Compensation call centers, Governor Wolf recently shut down three of them, laying off about half of the state workers who process claims. As a result, the claims process is in complete chaos. You can keep trying to get through to the call centers by phone (1-888-313-7284) or file a claim through the department's website. Calls are not being accepted Wednesdays or Fridays, and you should expect busy signals and long delays. You may find that the easiest way to process a claim for unemployment compensation benefits is to visit one of the state's CareerLink job centers. You can find the one nearest you by going to the CareerLink website. Though these centers are not UC walk-in centers, they do have a direct line to a call center that you can use, though the waiting time to use the phone may extend for hours. For a description of many other resources available to you, click here.

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