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           An attorney I know had a workers' compensation hearing in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania.  When he arrived, two police officers were sitting in the courtroom.  The Judge performed the "call of the list" during which the judge called as many as 30 cases, one at a time.  Most of the time when the Judge calls a case, very little goes on.  At other times, the attorneys will present testimony.  While the Judge called cases to order, the attorney looked around the crowded courtroom to find out why police officers were in the waiting area.  Unable to learn why they were there, he walked with his client out of the courtroom. The police officers followed them. 

            What he didn't know, and everybody else knew, was that the police officers were there because his client had allegedly threatened the life of the judge.  Though there was no way to prove this occurred because the source was anonymous, it became quickly clear from the claimant’s asinine behavior in the courtroom that the allegation was probably true.  The insurance company lawyer later revealed that they had a video of the guy selling drugs on a street corner. 

            Most of the people who come to workers' compensation hearings have had some bad luck and are completely legitimate.  Sometimes, however, you get a real Jackass. 


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