Helping a Gun Victim Feed His Family

I once represented a truck driver who made a delivery to a discount store while a holdup was in progress.  One man pressed the barrel of his gun into the back of the store manager, who faced the store vault.  A second gunman yelled “Get down on the ground!” to the driver. The thief pressed a gun to his head. The driver pled, “Don’t shoot me; I’m a father of five!”  As he did so, the first gunman shot the store manager, severing an artery that spurt blood across the driver’s face.  After clearing out the safe, one of the gunmen stole his wallet, warning, “I know where your family lives. If you get up before half an hour passes, we’ll get them.”  After they left, he saw that blood was dripping from the manager’s platform.  He put the manager’s leg in a tourniquet and called 911.  Ultimately she recovered, but the driver had a mental breakdown and his employer refused to pay benefits. This man needed a good lawyer and got one.

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