How Good is the Company Doctor?

Greg Boles
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I previously wrote on the myth that most employees have an obligation to treat with a company doctor after suffering a work injury.  Unfortunately, as a practical matter, employees often have a difficult time finding medical practitioners willing to treat them during the 90-day period following a work injury during which the employers tell them that they have to treat with a "panel provider."  I've written a couple of articles about this issue, including "Must You Treat With a Company Doctor After a Pennsylvania On-the-Job Injury?" and "Treating With a Pennsylvania Company Doctor."


On our new webpage, "Reviews of Pennsylvania Company Doctors," injured workers can learn about the experiences other people have had treating with company medical providers or post reviews of their own experiences.  I ask that anybody who has any had experiences with any of the company doctors listed to post a review.  I would also appreciate any suggestions on how to improve the page.


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