How Injured Workers Get Cheated and What To Do About It

Greg Boles
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I recently wrote two articles about the ways in which Pennsylvania workers' compensation insurance companies cheat injured workers.  In the first, "Top Ten Ways Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Insurance Companies Cheat Injured Workers," I describe the most common ways that insurance companies rig the system in their favor.  Topics include limiting the description of your work injury on official documents, sending you to doctors controlled by the insurance company, harassing your medical providers with multiple bill reviews, and delaying payment of wage loss benefits to induce you to seek other benefits.  In the second article, "Is There Any Way to Punish a Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Insurance Company for Cheating Me," I describe the remedies available to injured workers if the insurance companies cheat them.  Though these remedies are limited, in some circumstances you can receive penalties of up to 50% of any benefits that have been unlawfully denied to you as a result of misconduct by the insurance company.  I hope you find these articles helpful.


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