Insurer Seeks to Rip Off Worker Injured Trying to Save the Life of a Co-employee

Greg Boles
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In one of the most ridiculous appeals filed in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, the court has agreed to consider whether an employee can receive workers' compensation benefits when he was injured trying to help a sanitation plant worker who had fallen into a pit and died.  Sam Pound, an employee of Pipeline Systems, was installing new pipeline when a plant employee fell into a concrete pit.  Pound climbed down a ladder into the pit, discovered the man was dead, but when he tried to climb back up the ladder, he passed out and fell 20 feet to the bottom of the pit.  No one had bothered to warn Mr. Pound that there was methane gas in the pit.

The employer initially paid him workers' comp benefits, then cut him off after 2 months, claiming that Mr. Pound was not engaged in furthering the employer’s business when he tried to save the life of the man who fell into the pit.

The Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act specifically grants benefits to employees who go to the aid of people and suffer injury or death.  

Why Pipeline is taking this matter to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court is beyond me, but they or their carrier sound incredibly nasty, stingy and heartless.  

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