Hoist a Beer on the Birthday of President Jimmy Carter, the Most Under-rated President in US History

Greg Boles
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Today is President Carter’s 91st birthday.  Widely considered to be one of nation’s least effective presidents, it’s time to reassess him. 

Every time you take a delivery from Amazon or fly on an airplane, you should thank President Carter. 

It’s hard to remember just how bad the US economy was in the 1970s.  With inflation at 13 percent, unemployment nearing 10 percent, and business absurdly over-regulated, the American public was in a state of near rebellion.  With gas lines, soup lines, and skyrocketing prices, the American public lost confidence in the US government. 

Only a president with the courage of Jimmy Carter could solve these problems.  He appointed Paul Volcker, the greatest Fed chairman ever, and supported him as he raised interest rates to 21.5 percent, the highest in American history, in a successful effort to bring inflation under control.  He deregulated the rail, trucking, airline, and oil industries, setting the stage for the revival of the US economy (falsely attributed to Ronald Reagan). He negotiated the Camp David accords, the only lasting Israeli peace agreement. He was the first president in history to publicly oppose discrimination against gays and instituted dozens of policy initiatives designed to ease poverty.

Last, and possibly least, he deregulated the brewing industry, which ended the stranglehold that companies such as Anheuser-Busch had over the production of American beer. So hoist a craft beer in honor of the birthday of President Jimmy Carter, the most under-rated president in American history.  

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