License to Steal: How Long Term Disability Insurance Companies Cheat You Blind

Greg Boles
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            Many working Americans have long-term disability coverage through their employers.  What they don't realize is how the deck is stacked against purchasers of employer supplied disability insurance.

            Imagine you were injured in an automobile accident and file suit against the man who drove his car into the back of yours because he was busy texting his bookie. You showed up in court and amazingly enough, the judge is the person who smashed into the back of your car!  Over in the jury box are his wife and family.  The defense lawyer is his brother.  You, of course, are all alone, because you didn't know that you needed a lawyer.  

            What do you think the outcome will be? 

            That's exactly how long-term disability claims are handled.  Though the law that governs these types of policies says that the insurance companies are supposed to administer these claims in a fair and impartial manner, most insurance companies pay lip service to this requirement.  The insurance company has an array of professional claims people who gather your medical records, have them reviewed by physicians who make their money certifying that you're not disabled. Claims personnel make intrusive phone calls to your doctors, and then place misleading descriptions of the conversations in the claim record.  To top it all off, you will probably not know that you're entitled to take a look at all the records that the insurance company is using to determine whether you're entitled to benefits.  If the record in the case is closed by the insurance company, you won't have the right to submit more evidence into the record if you're required to take an appeal of the decision to a federal judge. 

            Don't make the mistake of trying to pursue a long term-disability claim on your own.  Hire a lawyer at the earliest possible moment.  

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