Most Dangerous Place for Workplace Injuries

Healthcare is the most dangerous industry for injuries and illnesses, with over 653,000 nurses, aides, orderlies and others are falling ill every year, according to a new Public Citizen Report.

45% of all workplace violence incidents in the U.S.A. that result in lost work days occur in the healthcare sector. Among attendance, orderlies and nursing aides in 2011, the incidents rate of injuries requiring days off was 486 cases per 10,000 employees, over 4 times higher than the national average for all workers.

Even though healthcare workplaces are more dangerous than anywhere else, Osha carries out relatively few inspections of healthcare facilities. The authors added that even when it does find safety problems, there is often not much Osha can do because of “an absence of much needed safety standards.”

More musculoskeletal injuries are suffered by orderlies, attendants, nurses and nursing aides than workers in any other industry. Back injuries in the healthcare industry are estimated to cost over $7,000,000,000 every year.

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