Rich Law Firm, Poor Representation

I’ve recently heard a lot more complaints about Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation legal mills, where lawyers handle your case like a product on an assembly line. Some say they hire one lawyer only to be handed off to someone who is young, overworked, and inexperienced. Often staff members instruct claimants to testify at a hearing with no explanation about what they will be testifying about or what to expect. After a sleepless night, the nervous witness meets his or her lawyer for the first time on the day of the hearing. Sometimes a client calls the assigned attorney, only to discover that the lawyer no longer works there and the case has been reassigned to someone else. Another claimant met the attorney who was handling his case for the first time in the morning of the hearing, and though she appeared to be smart, it quickly became apparent that she had not read the file.

Beware of any firm that claims to be “the best law firm in America.”  If you need to put food on your family’s table, you need to hire a lawyer who will provide you with solid, continuous representation throughout your case. Because honest, hard-working and experienced lawyers develop reputations for integrity with judges, representation by such a lawyer in a close case can mean the difference between winning and losing. Learn more about how to choose a lawyer by clicking here.

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