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I recently met with Joe Scullin of Tools for Meeting Life's Challenges.  Their mission is to be the preeminent educational non-profit organization that provides resources, support and advocacy, in-person and online, to empower people with disabilities, their families, and allies to lead self-determined lives.  

I wrote Battered and Broke: Making Ends Meet When Your Workers' Compensation Claim is Denied to describe in one place the resources available if you suffer a work-related disability and your claim has been denied.  While I think my book is a valuable tool, it is nothing compared to this organization, which teaches you to be your own advocate to obtain federal, state and local cash benefits, and Medicare and Medicaid.  They also provide guidance in private insurance benefits and appeals, in-home and community-based services, and a wide range of other activities.  

To access their web site, click here.  For help, call 866-594-8362.  The information and assistance  provided by Tools for Meeting Life's Challenges is free.  

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