ERISA Has Given Long Term Disabilty Insurance Companies a License to Steal

Greg Boles
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I once represented a software engineer whose application for long-term disability benefits through his employer was denied by the insurance company.  Despite the fact that this gentleman's intellectual capabilities were grossly impaired as a result of his growing brain tumor and he was having difficulty walking, the insurance company refused to pay him long-term disability benefits.  They had a claims representative call his doctor to ask if he was capable of light duty.  The physician replied, of course, that he certainly could push a broom or perform other light tasks.  The insurance company denied the claim, saying that a "software engineer" job was a "light duty" job, and therefore he was not disabled.  The insurance company completely ignored the fact that he was disabled from performing his regular job because of the brain tumor which destroyed his ability to work as a software engineer

Many claims representatives for long-term disability insurance companies are completely without shame.  The second anyone has trouble with a long-term disability insurance company, it is time to call a lawyer.

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