Can my employer require me to be examined by a physician of their choice?

Your employer or its workers' compensation insurance company is entitled to have you examined periodically by physicians of their choosing. You have a right to have your own physician present at such an examination, but you must pay the cost of having your physician present. When being evaluated by an insurance company physician, it is essential that you be accurate and honest with respect to your condition.

If you are requested to undergo such an evaluation, feel free to contact the law firm of The Boles Firm and we will send you our Guide to Attending Independent Medical Evaluations. Moreover, even if you have not sought the services of an attorney prior to being asked to participate in an examination by some physician chosen by the insurance company, this would be an important time to reconsider your decision. Often, this examination is conducted specifically to accumulate evidence to be used in connection with a petition to reduce your benefits. Any experienced workers’ compensation attorney will make certain that prior to attending an examination requested by the insurance company you have mustered the evidence necessary to counter the allegations that will be brought against you in the future.