Do I have any obligation to be treated by a company doctor?

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act permits employers to require injured employees to be treated by a physician or medical provider from a list that is to be posted prominently in the workplace for the first 90 days following their injury. Thereafter, injured employees may be treated by a physician or medical provider of their choosing. If the physician or medical provider is not on the employer's list, employers may refuse to pay bills incurred during the 90-day period. If the employer has not provided the employee with a panel list, the employee is free to choose his own provider from the outset, and need not wait until 90 days have passed. Because employers fail to comply fully with the requirements of the Pennsylvania Workers' Comp Act, employees are free to treat with the providers of their choice, as explained in this article, which explains the issue more deeply.

Under some circumstances, it is advisable for employees to treat with their own physicians, even if they have to pay for it out-of-pocket. If the company doctors do not listen to you when you describe your injury, the symptoms you are suffering, and the findings of a physical examination independently documented. If you do not do so, you may find yourself in a situation in which it is hard to reconstruct the first 90 days after your injury since your injury will have been documented only by a doctor or doctors with a considerable relationship to your employer or its insurance company.