Do I need an attorney in order to apply for long-term disability benefits?

We receive many questions from workers who are suffering from a disability about hiring an attorney for their long-term disability claim. The short answer is: it really depends on your own personal situation.

Let us elaborate a bit. Long-term disability insurance companies are just that—companies. They have a bottom line that must be met in order to make a profit. The fewer claims that they pay out, the more money the company ultimately makes. This is not unique to long-term disability insurers—auto, home, and health insurers do the very same thing.

When a Disability Attorney May Help Your Case

While there are certainly honest companies out there that are not trying to cheat you out of your benefits, even these companies do not want to pay out unnecessary claims. This means that they will be investigating your claim closely to ensure that you have the evidence necessary to back up your application.

In the initial application process, a disability attorney can make sure that your application is complete and that you are in full compliance with your policy. Many long-term disability insurance policies have very strict regulations and deadlines, and an attorney will help you stay on-track throughout the process. While not everyone needs an attorney at this stage, many people enjoy the added security that a disability attorney’s experience can bring to the table.

When You Absolutely Need a Disability Attorney

If your application to receive long-term disability benefits has been denied, you need an attorney right away to assist you with your appeal. The appeal process for long-term disability claims is incredibly complex, and requires much of the same preparation and skill as a legal trial. In an appeal, the burden is on you to prove that you are entitled to these benefits, and it will be an uphill battle—the long-term disability insurance company has already gathered enough evidence against you to deny your claim in the first place.

At The Boles Firm, our experienced, aggressive disability attorneys have spent decades successfully representing injured Pennsylvania workers who have denied long-term disability benefits. If you are filing for long-term disability benefits or have been denied, do not delay—contact our firm today to learn what we can do for you.