How much will I receive in wage loss benefits?

All Pennsylvania-based flight crews who are injured in work accidents are entitled to workers' compensation wage benefits pursuant to the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. This portion is generally two thirds of the average weekly wage you earned in the year prior to your injury and is tax free. Your workers’ compensation wage loss benefits are calculated by adding up the wages from all sources of employment. Accordingly, if you work for more than one employer, you should gather your wage stubs for a full year preceding the date of injury. You may also be entitled to Salary Continuation benefits pursuant to Section 27 of the American Airlines/APFA contract, which is discussed in response to another frequently asked question. 


Under the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act, you are entitled to continue to receive workers' compensation benefits even after your right to salary continuation expires. Although your workers' compensation benefits are tax-free, the "salary continuance" portion is taxable. You may have to file a grievance under your contract if the company pays workers’ compensation benefits but refuses to pay salary continuation. A workers’ compensation judge does not have the power to order American Airlines to comply with the contract.

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