How will my claim be processed?

Once you have provided the company with notice of your injury, the company has 21 days from the date of injury to investigate and make a decision to accept or deny the claim and to make the first payment of compensation due. Your employer or the insurance carrier may make payments of temporary compensation for up to 90 days, even if your claim is not accepted

Upon receiving notice of your claim, the workers’ compensation insurance company will assign an insurance adjuster to investigate your claim, decide whether to accept it, monitor your medical treatment, and perform other tasks. A medical expense claim may be assigned to another department. 

Please note that when your claim is assigned to an adjuster, the claim will be given a claim number. If you call or write the adjuster handling your claim, you must be prepared to give your claim number. Any correspondence sent to the insurance company should have the claim number clearly written on the top of the correspondence.

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