May I submit medical bills to my health insurer if my workers' comp claim is denied?

Yes.  The health insurance company may, however, require some type of documentation that the claim has been denied.  If you have received a Notice of Workers’ Compensation Denial, send it to your health insurance company  or give it to your medical provider with instructions to send it to the health insurer with the bill.  If you have not received a denial, contact the Workers' Comp insurance company to get a written denial of the claim.  Once the health insurance company has received evidence of a denial, it will be responsible for payment of medical bills in accordance with the terms of the health insurance contract. If your health insurance requires you to treat within a netwok, you must get this issue clarified as soon as possible to avoid being charged out-of-network prices for medical treatment that should have been paid by the workers' compensation inusrance company. 


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