May my employer take legal action to reduce or terminate my workers' compensation benefits?

If you and your employer disagree about the nature and extent of your disability, your employer may file a petition to reduce or terminate your benefits.

If your employer has received medical evidence that you are recovered in full from the effects of your work injury, the employer may file a petition to terminate your workers' compensation benefits.

If your employer has evidence that you were offered employment that is consistent with medical restrictions that have been placed upon you by your examining physician, the company may file a petition to suspend or modify your workers' compensation benefits if you refuse such employment.

If such a petition is filed, the Bureau will assign the petition to a workers' compensation judge in the county in which you live. The judge will schedule a hearing and a representative of the insurance company will present written evidence to the judge and argue that the employer is entitled to an immediate suspension or modification of your benefits. You should hire an attorney to represent you at such a hearing.