My claim was denied. I have no income and no savings. What should I do?

If you are disabled and have children under the age of 18, have a very limited family income, and have few liquid assets, you may be eligible for temporary assistance to needy families through the Department of Public Welfare.

Adults without children must rely on general assistance benefits. Applications are made through the Department of Public Welfare or the County Board of Assistance. Food stamps may be available to supplement the money available for buying groceries and some household goods.

You may also be eligible for Medicaid and/or Medicare benefits to cover medical expenses. Medicaid is administered by the Department of Public Welfare. Medicare is administered by the Social Security Administration, but is only available to retired workers or persons receiving Social Security disability benefits for two years or more. For more information, download a copy of Battered and Broke: Making Ends Meet While Your Workers' Comp Claim is Denied.