My employer filed a petition against me. What happens next?

Every petition filed with the Bureau of Workers' Compensation is assigned to a workers' compensation judge. It is crucial that you retain the services of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to represent you at that point, if you have not already done so. The workers' compensation lawyers at The Boles Firm have been representing claimants before workers' compensation judges for many years. Our specialized experience and knowledge will be vital in ensuring that you are successful in combating the employer's attempts to limit your right to ongoing benefits.

In general, there will be a series of hearings in which evidence in the case will be presented. If your employer has filed a petition to terminate, modify, or suspend your benefits, the judge will ordinarily take the employer’s written evidence at the first hearing in the case. The judge will then consider the employer's motion for suspension or modification of your benefits pending the final outcome of the case. It is crucial that you produce evidence at that hearing, or your benefits will be modified within a matter of weeks. Only an experienced workers' compensation attorney, such as the attorneys at The Boles Firm, can properly prepare the evidence needed to combat the employer at that point.

Further hearings will be scheduled in order to collect evidence from you and your employer. At a final hearing, you will testify. All through the process, you will need an experienced workers' compensation attorney to represent your interests.