Should I give a taped statement?

Although you may have to explain your version of the events underlying your claim to an investigator or claims adjuster, there is nothing in the Act that requires you to give a taped statement. You would be perfectly within your rights to refuse to allow your statement to be taped.

If you choose to give a taped statement, be very careful about what you say. You should not give such a statement without first taking some time to think about what occurred. You must be truthful and accurate, and you must be careful not to let anger or frustration affect the statements you make. On the other hand, no matter how friendly the claims examiner may be, you must assume that your statements will be used against you. The adjuster may have medical records or other documents in front of her while questioning you and may attempt to get you to make statements that are contradicted by the documents.

In sum, you must recognize that your livelihood may depend on the words you use during a taped statement, and you must act accordingly. If you have any doubt about the wisdom of giving any statement to a claims investigator, call the lawyers of The Boles Firm for free assistance.

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