What happens at a Pennsylvania workers' compensation hearing?

You may need to testify in opposition to a petition filed by the insurance company or your employer, or you may need to testify in support of a petition that you have filed.  The topics you will probably testify to are described in this article. Other evidence, including medical depositions, may be submitted.  For more information on this topic, order a free copy of The Wounded Worker: Inside the Pennsylvania Workers' Comp Maze by calling 877-959-1811 or download a free copy of  by clicking here. Two short chapters (7 and 10) provide the information you need to reduce your anxiety about the Workers' Comp process.

For more detailed answers to your questions, consult the Frequently Asked Questions bar to the left or download a copy of The Consumer’s Guide to Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation. For the definitive guide to making your way through the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation system, order a free paper copy of The Wounded Worker: Inside the Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp Maze by calling 877-959-1811 or download a free e-copy by clicking here.