What type of Social Security benefits will I receive?

Once you have been approved for Social Security Disability Insurance, you are eligible to receive the following benefits: Cash Benefits. You will begin receiving cash benefits approximately 6 months after becoming disabled. Payments are made monthly. The Social Security Administration prefers to direct-deposit payments so, if you do not have a bank account, the Social Security Administration will strongly recommend that you establish one.

The amount you receive is based on your earnings history and will continue for as long as you are unable to work and your medical condition has not improved. The Social Security Administration conducts periodic reviews of all Social Security Disability Insurance cases to determine continued eligibility of disability benefits. Medicare. You will be eligible for Medicare 24 months after receiving Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. However, if you have a serious illness such as kidney failure and you require dialysis, you may qualify immediately.

Social Security Retirement Insurance (Protection of Social Security cash benefit. Social Security Disability Insurance benefits automatically convert into retirement benefits when you reach retirement age. By establishing that your absence from the workforce is due to a disability, you are assured that the Social Security Administration will not reduce your future retirement benefits.