When am I entitled to receive benefits?

Under the Workers' Compensation Act, you are entitled to receive reimbursement for all reasonable and necessary medical expenses that are causally related to your work injury, regardless of whether you have lost time from work. These expenses are payable pursuant to a schedule set forth in the Workers' Compensation Act. You are entitled to receive wage loss benefits only if you are disabled for seven days or more, including weekends. It is not necessary that these days be consecutive. To receive compensation for the first week, you must be disabled for 14 dys or more. The carrier has 21 days from the date your disability begins to begin paying wage loss benefits. Salary Continuance beneifts paid pursuant to section 27(D) of the contract are offset by workers' compensation benefits.

A medical provider providing treatment for a work injury covered under Pennsylvania law may only bill the workers' compensation insurance company for these services and is not legally entitled to bill you for treatment for your work injury. When treating with a medical provider outside of Pennsylvania, discuss billing prior to beginning treatment. Although the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers’ Compensation takes the position that Pennsylvania law binds medical providers outside the state, such providers may refuse to honor the law and might bill you for the difference between their normal charge and the amount paid by the workers’ compensation insurance company. 

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