What are my rights as an injured worker in Pennsylvania?

The days and weeks following a workplace injury can be chaotic. Getting medical care, recovering, and reporting your injury to your employer can take up most of your energy. Many people are immediately placed under pressure to return to work, and they may feel as though their job is at risk if they spend time away from work to heal. If their medical benefits are denied or are severely limited, many people simply accept it as par for the course.

These events rarely make the news, because many people think that their rights under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act are up for debate. This is simply untrue. Under the act, injured workers in Pennsylvania are entitled to specific rights that cannot be denied or compromised in any way.

What Are Your Rights as an Injured Employee in Pennsylvania?

Under state law, injured employees are entitled to six important things:

1.The right to receive workers’ compensation benefits, including medical benefits and wage loss benefits.

2.The right to a hearing if your employer denies you the benefits to which you are entitled.

3.The right to appeal calculated benefits, such as your wage loss or specific loss benefits, if the severity of your injury justifies a greater sum.

4.The right to adequate time away from work to heal, as well as protection from employer coercion, harassment, or termination for failure to return to work prematurely.

5.The right to challenge limitations place on you by your employer after two years of total disability.

6.The right to choose your own doctor, should your employer fail to provide you with a list of at least five doctors to select for treatment within 90 days of your injury.

Never Compromise Your Rights as an Injured Worker

While the stress of handling a workplace injury and its effects can be all-consuming, protecting your rights in the early stages of filing a workers’ compensation claim can help ensure that your rights are protected in the future, as well.

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