Are You Eligibile for Workers' Comp?

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All jobs come with their own set of dangers. Most employers are required to offer some type of insurance in the event that an employee is injured while on the job. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. Federal or maritime workers, for example, have their own set of workers' compensation structures.

While it might be easier to just brush off minor aches, you should be cautious if you sustain any type of injury while at work. In many cases, what seem like minor injuries quickly develop into something more serious. Not seeking medical assistance right away can make it difficult to prove the validity of your claim.

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What is considered a valid claim?

The Pennsylvania Workers' Comp Act, which works underneath the U.S. Department of Labor and Industries, defines the rules for what type of injuries can be covered in a workers' comp claim. The simplest definition of what is acceptable is any injury sustained on the job that is significant enough to require extensive medical treatment beyond first aid.

Other factors that weigh in on eligibility include:

  • If there was any existing injury or illness
  • Whether the illness developed can be proven to be work-related
  • How quickly an individual reported the injury
  • If the appropriate doctor was visited
  • The assessment of medical providers
  • How long and how serious the injury has affected an individual

Workers' compensation benefits can be extremely helpful for injured employees, as they can be provided coverage for medical expenses, rehabilitation treatments, lost income, and other related costs. Because the laws regarding workers' compensation can be rather complex, it is in your best interests to get legal representation right away to determine if you should pursue a claim.

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