Information for Injured American Airlines Flight Attendants

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Flight attendants suffer injuries:

  • In turbulence
  • Pushing a meal cart, beverage cart, or other equipment
  • Lifting and storing luggage overhead
  • Assisting passengers
  • Deflecting heavy objects from hitting someone

The Boles Firm has represented injured Pennsylvania-based American Airlines flight attendants for over twenty years. Because we have talked with so many airline workers, we understand the work environment, the unique pressures of this job, the tactics used by American Airlines in dealing with injured employees, and the additional protections flight attendants have under their union contract. This page provided the names and contact information for the most important people in the American Airlines workers' compensation process, along with links to the key documents you need to understand and navigate the system.

How our Philadelphia Attorneys Can Help

A common problem we have seen with flight attendants is that the insurer issues a Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable, which gives them the right to cut off benefits within 90 days. The insurer then arranges an evaluation by a "company" doctor who releases the injured employee to full duty even if the employee is not recovered. And finally, the insurer often denies the claim. There is no charge for us to advise you in the early stages of this process, and fees are charged only it you need us.

If you've been injured on the job working as a flight attendant for American Airlines, navigating the system can be extremely confusing. The following is a summary of information with links to documents that are specifically designed to help Philadelphia-based flight attendants. For answers to the most frequently asked questions of injured flight attendants, click here.

Important Names and Addresses for American Airlines Flight Attendants Injured On Duty

Association of Professional Flight Attendants 
Bellia Peckson: IOD (Injured on Duty) Chair
Cathy Sharp: Health Chair
To contact an IOD Rep on duty, Click Here 

Phone No. 817-540-0108 extension 8303
Email [email protected]
APFA IOD National Chair
817-540-0108 extension 8293
Email: [email protected]

Law firm: 

The Boles Firm
Greg Boles
1515 Market Street, Suite 1520
Philadephia, Pennsylvania  19102

Phone No. toll free 866 772-0700
Fax No. 215 827-5616

Email [email protected]

Workers Compensation Administrator:

Sedgwick Claims Management Services
P.O. Box 14156
Lexington, Kentucky  40512-4156

Phone No. 800 826-4338
Fax No. 859 264-4075

Medical bills:  

Sedgwick Claims Management Services
P.O. Box 14152
Lexington, Kentucky  40512

Phone No. 866 495-7844
Fax 859 264-4075

Pharmacy Benefit Management:

Retail; 866 599-5426
Mail order: 800 304-1764

Important Documents for Flight Attendants Injured On Duty  


APFA IOD Booklet

American Airlines List of Panel Medical Providers for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Work-Related Injuries

American Airlines Flight Attendant Job Description

American Airlines Employee Benefit Booklet

American Airlines Sick Verification Form

American Airlines Family and Medical Leave Act Application

American Airlines/APFA Agreement Section 27 injured on duty (IOD)

American Airlines/ APFA Agreement Section 28 – medical examinations

Prepare for Departure:  APFA Retirement Briefing

For answers to the most frequently asked questions of injured flight attendants, click here.

For information on tax credits available to Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC) pensioners, click here and here.