How To Get The Name, Address, and Phone Number of Your Pennsylvania Employer's Workers' Comp Insurance Company

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How do I find out if my Pennsylvania employer has workers' comp insurance and, if so, what the insurance company is? 

To find out the name of the workers' compensation insurance company for your employer, click here and enter the name of your employer in the policy coverage search box. 

How do I find the name, address, and phone number for the Pennsylvania workers' comp insurance company for my employer?

Once you obtain the name of the workers' compensation insurance company, copy the name and paste it in the search button here.  When the name of the insurance company appears in response to the search request, click on the name of the company to obtain its home address, mailing address, phone number and other information.

What do I do with this information?

If you suffer a work injury that requires medical treatment, your employer is supposed to report the claim to the insurance company that handles workers' compensation claims for your employer. If your employer refuses to report the claim, call the insurance company yourself and report it.

The insurance company assigns the claim to a claims representative (or "adjuster") who is supposed to investigate your claim, decide whether to pay your claim, and then handle payment of your benefits, paperwork, and other tasks.  If you miss time from work, you are supposed to be reimbursed if you are disabled for more than seven days.  If you are working light duty and are earning wages less than your pre-injury wage, you are entitled to receive wage loss benefits if you are out for more than seven days.The insurance company will assign a "claim number" to your case. Give to your medical providers the claims representative's name and phone number, the name and address of the insurance company, and your claim number.

The insurance company claims representative may call you to ask you questions about how the injury occurred.  You may be referred to a medical provider by the claims representative, but be careful:  You  have no obligation to treat with a particular medical provider, and you may not have an obligation to treat with a company doctor at all.  If you talk directly to the claims representative, it is essential that you treat the claims representative with respect, even if the claims representative is skeptical about your claim.  Follow the advice in our article, "Ten Things You Need To Do To Get Your Claim Accepted Without a Fight." Be careful about giving an oral statement, and if your injuries are serious, you will most certainly will need an attorney to represent you.

For more information on these issues, see Chapter 1, "Do I Really Need a Lawyer to Handle my Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Claim?" and Chapter 2, "Ten Things You Must do to Get Your Claim Accepted" in my book, The Wounded Worker:  Inside the Pennsylvania Workers' Comp Maze.