Long-Term Disability Benefits in Philadelphia

Does your employer offer long-term disability but tell you that you will only receive short-term disability benefits? While short-term benefits (up to 26 weeks) are relatively easy to obtain, the request for long-term benefits may result in confusing requirements and outright denials of your disability claim.

Employer-provided long-term disability insurance benefits are generally governed by ERISA - the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act. Privately purchased disability insurance benefits are governed by state law, which provides greater protection than ERISA. Our disability claim lawyers are well-versed in both the ERISA and Pennsylvania state laws and can guide you through the entire disability claim process.

Why work with a long-term disability attorney in Philadelphia?

If you think you have a long-term disability claim, contacting a lawyer early in the claim process may be of benefit. Long-term disability insurance policies created by employers frequently have many precise instructions.

  • Many employer long-term disability policies require that you exhaust all other benefits (Social Security Disability, for example) before you can receive benefits from your employer's policy.
  • Many employers require that you precisely follow their procedures to receive long-term disability benefits. Any deviation from the exact process can lead to denial of benefits.

Don't give up when your employer or insurance company delays your application for long-term benefits. Talk to a disability claim denial attorney at The Boles Firm. We will fight for your benefits.