You Have Rights as an Injured Worker!

If you were injured on the job, you should be allotted time off work to recover. In addition, you are entitled to receive benefits during your time off work. These rights are provided to you under Pennsylvania law. If your rights have been denied or compromised in any way, we urge you to contact a Philadelphia workers' compensation attorney at The Boles Firm. Backed by more than 20 years of professional experience and special certification in workers' compensation laws, we are more than prepared to help protect your rights after a work-induced injury or illness.

What are my rights?

Injured employees in Philadelphia are entitled to the following rights:

  • The right to receive workers' compensation benefits, including medical benefits and wage loss benefits
  • The right to a hearing if an employer attempts to deny an employee of the befits to which he or she is entitled
  • The right to appeal calculated benefits that appear to be inadequate given the severity of the injury or illness
  • The right to take time off work for healing – an employer cannot lawfully coerce an employee to prematurely return to work, nor can they fire or otherwise harass an employee who is recovering
  • The right to challenge any limitation placed upon an employee by the employer after two years of total disability

In addition, employers in Pennsylvania are required, by law, to provide injured employees with a list of no fewer than 5 doctors from which to select for treatment. This list must be provided within the first 90 days of sustaining a work-related injury or illness. If an employer fails to provide the employee with a list of doctors within this timeframe, then the employee is free to select a doctor of his or her choice.

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