Understanding the Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable

Greg Boles
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Your employer or the insurance company may decide not to accept legal responsibility for your work injury, at least initially.  They may do so by filing a Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable (NTCP or TNCP), which gives your employer or the insurer the right to issue wage-loss benefits for a period up to 90 days without prejudice to their right to deny legal responsibility for your claim.  

Insurance companies do this because if they accept responsibility or an injury pursuant to a Notice of Compensation Payable (NCP), they must continue paying wage-loss benefits until you either consent to stopping benefits or they obtain a court order, which is not easy.  There are some additional circumstances under which an insurance company can stop paying benefits such as your failure to return certain reporting forms on time.  In general, however, if the insurance company accepts legal responsibility for your work injury by issuing an NCP, they must continue paying benefits.  If they issue an NTCP, however, they can stop paying you benefits by issuing a “Notice Stopping Temporary Compensation Payable” and a “Notice of Workers' Compensation Denial.”  When that occurs, your only recourse is to file a claim petition for workers' compensation benefits.  

If the insurance company continues to pay benefits for more than 90 days, the Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable converts by operation of law into a Notice of Compensation Payable, which means they have accepted your claim and will continue paying benefits.  The Bureau of Workers' Compensation sometimes will send a notice that the NTCP has been converted to an NCP.  

For a discussion on how the insurance company uses NTCP's in conjunction with a law allowing them to require you to treat with a company doctor, click here.

For more detailed answers to your questions, consult the Frequently Asked Questions bar to the left or download a copy of The Consumer’s Guide to Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation. For the definitive guide to making your way through the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation system, order a free paper copy of The Wounded Worker: Inside the Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp Maze by calling 877-959-1811 or download a free e-copy by clicking here.