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            If you are a trucker, you are working in one of the deadliest occupations in the country, according to Forbes Magazine.  The data on injuries and fatalities in Pennsylvania confirm this.  For many years, the transportation and warehousing industries in Pennsylvania had the largest number of fatalities, with most occurring to heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers.  The statistics for non‑fatal injuries are hardly more encouraging. 


            In addition to roadway collisions, truckers suffer serious injuries in falls from elevation or even the same level; from being struck by objects; from lifting and carrying cargo; and operating equipment such as forklifts and jacks.  Truckers disproportionately suffer from cumulative trauma musculoskeletal injuries to the back, shoulders and knees. Though other industries have a higher incidence of injuries, injuries suffered by truckers are generally more severe, resulting in a significantly greater number of lost work-time injuries. 


            Among the most common types of injuries suffered by truckers are whiplash and related injuries to the neck and shoulders, including herniated cervical discs.  Truckers also suffer a high incidence of low back injuries, including aggravation of underlying degenerative disc disease and herniated discs. 


            Another major category of trucker injuries results from loading and unloading cargo.  When these activities are performed by hand, there is a significantly increased risk of injury, particularly at night or in inclement weather.  Falls from the back of vehicles or from loading docks can result in severe injuries, including broken necks, backs, arms, and legs. 


            The cost of injuries in the trucking industries is so high that many employers illegally force truckers to sign independent contractor agreements and pay for disability coverage.  Although there are many independent truckers, the practice of falsely requiring employees to sign documents acknowledging that they are independent contractors is a criminal violation under Pennsylvania law if it is determined that the employees were not independent contractors and the employer did not maintain workers' compensation coverage. 


           Attorney Boles has over 30 years of experience handling complex workers' compensation matters, including scores of claims by injured truckers. 


            Most injured claimants face financial disaster if an insurance company denies a claim. Half of all injured working Americans are unable to withstand a month of lost salary before suffering financial stress. If you've been injured, how will you pay your mortgage and your bills?  How will you feed your family?  You need answers to these questions as quickly as possible, and you need attorneys who are determined to move your case as quickly as possible. 


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