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Did you or a loved one sustain a burn injury while at work? If so, you may be entitled to compensation and might benefit from contacting our workers' compensation lawyers. At The Boles Firm, we are genuinely passionate about pursuing justice on behalf of employees across Philadelphia who have sustained injuries at work.

We believe individuals should not be held responsible for the repercussions of such injuries, and we do everything we can to ensure that they receive the financial security required to recover. We are rated AV Preeminent® by Martindale-Hubbell®, demonstrating our high level of ethical professionalism and legal ability.

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Results of a Burn Injury

Burn injuries can result in hefty medical expenses, lost wages, physical disfigurement and, in some extreme cases, death. In the U.S., burn injuries are a leading cause of work-related injuries. In fact, about 20-30% of hospitalizations resulting from burn injuries were the cause of workplace incidents. If an individual's burn injury was work-related and causes permanent scarring or disfigurement, than that individual has the right to compensation, no matter what or how the incident happened, or who was at fault.

Burns are very painful injuries, and even a small burn can cause a great deal of pain for a large amount of time. Treatment will depend on where on the body the burn is. For example, if a limb gets severely burned, it may need to be amputated. If the face is badly burnt, cosmetic surgery may be necessary.

Types of Burns

A number of factors can contribute to burns besides heat, including cold, electricity, chemicals, radiation, or friction. Scalds can even be caused by steam. Burns are classified into three categories: first degree, second degree, and third degree. When burns are extremely severe, they may be classified as fourth, fifth, or sixth degree burns, but these usually result in death.

  • First degree burns: These are the most minor burns. They typically cause redness of the skin. There is pain but, depending on the size of the burn, it should not last as long. These burns affect the top layer of the skin only.
  • Second degree burns: These burns involve deeper layers of the skin, causing bright skin and blistering to occur. Once the blisters burst, fluid will be lost, and if the burn covers more than 10% of the body, the victim could go into shock due to fluid loss.
  • Third degree burns: These burns entail the skin being completely burned away, thus causing damage to the muscles, ligaments, and tendons beneath. If the nerves are destroyed, the victim may feel no pain, but will still be at risk of death if the damaged area is large.

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