Long-Term Disability Lawyers in Philadelphia

Few people plan on suffering from an injury or condition that leaves them totally or partially disabled. They may pay for short and long-term disability policies offered by their employers, but assume that these benefits will become easily available if they are ever needed. For a substantial percentage of people who do become disabled before they reach retirement, however, obtaining the long-term disability benefits that they worked for can be an uphill battle. A lifeline in these cases comes in the form of disability lawyers, who’ll help clients navigate this challenging period of their lives.

One in four people entering the workforce today will become disabled at some point in their career, due to problems ranging from cancer and heart disease to severe back problems. These conditions can often be costly and time-consuming to treat, and on average, will take an individual out of the workforce for about three years. With no income during their absence from work, short- and long-term disability policies become a financial lifeline, especially when the disability is not connected to a workplace incident.

For many injured Pennsylvanians, however, making the transition from short-term disability benefits to long-term disability benefits can be full of obstacles and may end in a denial of benefits. The appeals process for long-term disability benefits is extraordinarily complex, and those that try to go it alone are often overwhelmed and ultimately unsuccessful. “Going it alone,” of course, is entirely unnecessary when you partner with disability lawyers in Philadelphia who’ll help you secure long-term disability benefits.

Those seeking long-term disability benefits from an employer-sponsored ERISA plan have internal appeal requirements if their claim is denied, which means that the insurance company will re-consider the evidence and make a new decision on your claim. If your ERISA claim is denied, do not handle an internal appeal without a disability lawyer. Under most circumstances, the insurance company will consider evidence that you never see, have representatives call your doctors to trick them into issuing opinions that will ruin your claim, and otherwise "stack the deck" in their favor. If you wait until the insurance company completes its internal appeal or appeals before hiring a disability attorney, it will be too late. If you have been denied long-term disability benefits, you have one shot to get your appeal right. Make it count. Reach out to the long-term disability attorneys at The Boles Firm today to find out how our firm can help you.

Long-Term Disability Benefits: The Long Road to Qualification

If you have ever had an injury that has left you out of work for a short period of time, you may have some experience with short-term disability benefits or workers’ compensation. Compared to long-term disability, these benefits are fairly simple to obtain. The process moves forward quickly, and you receive the benefits that you need without much fuss.

Long-term disability, however, is a different story altogether. With strict waiting periods and requirements, many injured individuals often unknowingly make errors in the application process and face a denial of the benefits they desperately need. This can be a costly mistake that’s just as avoidable with the assistance of a long-term disability attorney.

By consulting with a disability attorney as soon as possible in your pursuit of long-term disability benefits, you can help ensure that you are on the right track. If you have already been denied benefits, an experienced long-term disability attorney can aggressively represent you and protect your rights. Whether your policy is governed by ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) or is a private policy governed by state law, the attorneys of The Boles Firm can help you through the entire claims process.

When You Need Long-Term Disability Benefits, Call The Boles Firm Today

If you have become disabled and need long-term disability benefits, do not let your employer or insurer deny you your rights. By seeking legal counsel immediately and following the required procedures to obtain benefits, you are taking every measure to protect your financial present and future.

Do not let anything get in the way of receiving the benefits that you have paid into throughout your career — let The Boles Firm and our skilled disability lawyers in Philadelphia represent you and protect your rights. Call our Philadelphia disability attorneys today for a free, no-obligation consultation. We are committed to getting you the results that you deserve.