Are You Currently Unable to Work Due to a Disability? Get the Benefits You Have Earned with Social Security Disability Insurance Today

The Social Security Act defines a disability as the inability to participate in substantial gainful activity as the result of a medical condition or mental impairment. For those suffering from a disability that prevents them from earning a living, however, a disability can be so much more.

For these men and women, a disability may strip them of more than the ability to work. It may strip them of their independence, of their dignity, and their enjoyment of life. A disability is more than a condition, injury, or illness—it can feel like a prison sentence.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a program that, for many, can act as a financial lifeline for those whose disabilities prevent them from working. Paid for over years of hard work and FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act) taxes, SSDI is far from a handout—it’s a hard-earned benefit. Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration is overwhelmed with applications as the population grows and ages, and many people are frustrated as they join the backlog of applicants experienced delays and denials.

If you have begun your application process or have already been denied, the experienced Social Security disability attorneys at The Boles Firm can help. Call our office today at 877.959.1811 or 215.259.5879 to schedule a consultation with us, or keep reading to learn more.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI): What to Expect

Many people are immediately discouraged when their SSDI application is denied, but few realize that a majority of SSDI applications are initially denied. Facing a confusing appeals process, many people want to throw up their hands in defeat and walk away.

While a denial can certainly feel like a sizeable setback, the attorneys of The Boles Firm can help you navigate the appeals process as efficiently and successfully as possible. We do not want Pennsylvanians with disabilities to be deterred by an initial denial—with our help, you can appeal your claim and get the benefits that you are owed.

Armed with a combination of the right information and legal backing, your application or appeal can be made as strong as possible. We can help you gather the required documents necessary to complete your application, including:

  • Medical records and documents regarding your diagnosis and treatment history
  • Employment history and information, including income statements
  • Personal information detailing dependents and current or former spouses

If you have sought our help following a denial, our legal team will work tirelessly to ensure that your appeal contains the information necessary to ensure that you receive the benefits owed to you.

Call The Boles Firm to Get Your Own SSDI Allies

When a disability has affected your ability to work, you do not need another obstacle in your path. At The Boles Firm, our Philadelphia Social Security disability attorneys are here to ensure that your SSDI appeal process is as smooth and simple as possible. From the early stages of an appeal through the often complex legal environment of a hearing before an administrative law judge, our attorneys will persist relentlessly to get you the benefits that you have worked so hard for.

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