The Wounded Worker: Inside the Pennsylvania Workers' Comp Maze

The Wounded Worker: Inside the Pennsylvania Workers' Comp Maze

Frightened. Bewildered. Confused. Angry.

It’s bad enough that you are injured, sick and going broke from an on the job injury. Why should you also go crazy worrying about the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation system? Click Get It Now below and let an insider teach you what lawyers don’t want you to know.

  • Do you want to pay your mortgage or for some attorney’s BMW? What are the ten things you have to do to get the insurance company to pay your claim without a lawyer?
  • Those guys on TV looked so impressive, but why did they assign my case to a lawyer so inexperienced?  How do you choose a lawyer?
  • My case is taking forever. What can you do to speed up your case?
  • Is my lawyer looking out for me or trying to make a quick buck? How do lawyers evaluate cases for settlement?
  • I wonder if the judge will believe me. How does a Judge’s perspective affect your case?

    From the desk of a lawyer who has fought for the disabled for over 30 years, this is the ultimate insider’s guide to the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation system. And it’s yours, for free, without any commitment. Just fill out the short form below and click the link for a download or for a FREE paper copy.

From the foreword to The Wounded Worker: Inside the Pennsylvania Workers' Comp Maze:

It sometimes seems that lawyers have a worse reputation than Congress, primarily because of self-inflicted wounds.  The supremely stupid lawyer ads we all see on television certainly do not help their prestige.  Throughout history, however, lawyers have played a leading role in many of our nation’s greatest achievements. During these years, lawyers helped expand the right to vote, reduce workplace discrimination, ensure safe food and drinking water, enhance workplace safety, increase access to post-secondary education, improve consumer protection, protect the wilderness and endangered species, advance human rights and provide humanitarian relief. When you hear about somebody saved by airbags, remember this: a handful of lawyers, including my Uncle Tom McGrath, fought tooth and nail against an attempt to scuttle the “airbag” rule.  The work of lawyers such as my uncle has dramatically improved the lives of the poor, disadvantaged, elderly, injured, sick, and falsely accused.

The next time someone makes a joke about killing "all the lawyers," it helps to know the real story underlying this oft misused quote.  In Shakespeare's Henry VI, Part 2, the traitor Jack Cade plots the overthrow of the royal family and the creation of a dictatorship with him at the head.  Dick the butcher, in an effort to help Cade in his plot, utters one of the most memorable lines of the play: "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers."  In other words, Dick the butcher wanted the people to be stripped of their protectors so that Jack Cade could take away their freedom.

Years ago, I made the decision to devote my career to helping people.  I took on cases that were hard because I felt bad for the unfortunate.  I continue to represent people who have troubles in their lives apart from the fact that they’re injured, and I do my best to help them and their children, even in the many instances that I work for free. For a family that has mouths to feed, a few thousand dollars makes a huge difference.  Our firm made the decision that we would help people regardless of the amount of lawyers’ fees we earned doing so.  We’ve never looked back.    

You’re not reading this book to be reminded of the many ways lawyers help people, though it is good to know that you are best represented by a lawyer with high ideals and the reputation to match. You’re reading this book because you have been injured at work and are frightened.  How will I put food on the table?  What do I need to do to get my bills paid?  What am I supposed to do for medical treatment? Why is my employer giving me such a hard time, when I have been so loyal for so many years? Am I going to lose my job if I file a claim for benefits? The supervisor with whom you always got along turns against you.  Rumors circulate that you are lying or exaggerating.  The company sends you to a doctor who treats you, at best, with skepticism.  Friends you thought you had turn out to be anything but.   The stress of dealing with a disabling injury is bad enough.  To have to worry about these things makes the entire problem infinitely worse. 

Under most circumstances, your claim will be paid, but insurance companies unfairly deny many claims, forcing injured workers to file legal actions to obtain benefits.  Because the hearing process is lengthy, it can take many months for a judge to grant your claim. Insurance companies are well aware of your need to receive compensation quickly to avoid a financial squeeze.  Many insurance companies will deny claims for blatantly illegal reasons, knowing that at some point you’ll be tempted to “cave” and accept an amount that is less than the value of your case. 

This book is designed to help you avoid common mistakes, resolve claims with the insurance company yourself, understand when you need a lawyer, learn how to choose the right lawyer or doctor, and  maximize the chance that you will be paid as fast as possible. This book is not legal advice for your case.  We can provide you with general advice concerning the claims process, and give you a general overview of the law, but every case is different and only a lawyer can give you high quality legal advice.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Even if you suffer a serious injury and need a lawyer to help you, there are many things you can do to move your case to a successful conclusion.  I hope this book makes your life a little bit easier at this difficult time.

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