Battered and Broke: How to Make Ends Meet When Your Workers' Comp Claim is Denied

Greg Boles
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Your worker’s compensation claim has been denied.  You have a mortgage, utility bills, and a family to support.  How will you put food on the table while your claim is pending? If you’ve suffered a work injury, your claim has been denied, and you're now disabled from working, it's more likely than not that very soon you are going to feel the pinch.  Studies show that over 50 percent of all Americans will suffer severe financial difficulties within a month of losing their paycheck.  I am the author of Battered and Broke, the definitive guide to benefits available to people who are in your situation, including  unemployment compensation benefits, Act 534 benefits, heart and lung act benefits, and sickness and accident benefits.  If you're disabled due to a work injury and your claim has been denied, this is the book to get.  For a free copy click the link to the left.