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If you suffer a serious injury, you can’t work and you need a lawyer for your worker’s compensation or personal injury case, the choice you make may mean the difference between paying your mortgage and landing on the street. What makes The Boles Firm the right choice to help you and your family? What do you need to know to pick a good attorney? How do you separate the real lawyers from the hucksters? 

Those guys on the billboards all over the city must be doing something right if they can afford to pay those big advertising bills. Guess what? If you hire the guy on the billboard, your case will be handled by a paralegal and you’ll be treated like a product on the assembly line. If you have to go to court, Mr. Billboard will assign your case to an overworked and inexperienced young associate.  The lawyer on the side of the bus is no different from the phony Wizard of Oz, who projects an impressive and scary image, but who is really just an ordinary guy hiding behind a curtain.  

If billboard lawyers do such a lousy job, how do they make money? Volume. These offices always have large staffs of non-lawyer “paralegals” who handle most of the negotiations with the insurance company. They specialize in settling for a quick buck, even if their clients are being cheated. The guy on the billboard often never goes into a courtroom and would be frightened like a kitten if he did.