How to Pick a Doctor For Your Pennsylvania Workers' Comp Claim

Greg Boles
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If you've treated with a company doctor for a Pennsylvania work injury, you may not have had a very good experience.  Remember that under Pennsylvania law, you only have an obligation to treat with an employer-designated doctor for a period of 90 days from the date of first visit.  Most people should seek treatment by another physician after that 90-day period expires.  So how do you pick a good doctor? You can go onto Google and research the doctor's reputation.  Keep in mind that doctors who are associated with medical schools are generally better than physicians who are not.  If a doctor regularly writes on the medical topic that is of concern to you, that doctor is probably better than one who doesn't.  There are a few types of doctors that you want to stay away from.  You certainly want to stay away from a quack, and you want to make sure that your doctor has a good reputation in front of a workers' compensation judge.  If the judge believes that your doctor is untrustworthy, your case is as good as over.  Make sure you talk to your lawyer about the reputation of your doctor.