If You Receive a Petition to Terminate Your Workers' Compensation Benefits, You Need an Experienced Lawyer

Greg Boles
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If you go to an Independent Medical Examination at the request of the workers' compensation insurance company and the doctor expresses the opinion that you've fully recovered, they're going to file a petition to terminate the workers' compensation benefits.  In a Pennsylvania workers' compensation termination petition, the insurance company claims that you have fully recovered and are no longer in need of medical treatment. An experienced attorney will handle the case for the insurance company. They will take formal medical depositions, and defending against a termination petition will cost thousands of dollars. I suggest you order a copy of The Wounded Worker: Inside the Pennsylvania Workers' Comp Maze by calling 877-959-1811 or by downloading a free e-copy by clicking the link on this page. You cannot possibly handle such a petition.  If you receive a petition to terminate workers' compensation benefits, please call me.