Testifying in a Pennsylvania Workers' Comp Case

Greg Boles
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            In my book The Wounded Worker I have a chapter on testifying.  I'm not going to go over every point I raised in the book but there are some highlights.  Be prepared.  Review medical records in advance.  Understand what the medical records say about what you told your doctors and other medical providers when you received treatment.  Talk to your lawyer.  Understand the questions that you're going to be asked.  Try to get an idea of the questions you're going to be asked by the insurance company lawyer.  Dress appropriately.  You should go into the courtroom dressed as if you're going into church.  Be courteous to the court, to your attorney, to the other attorney, and to anybody else in the courtroom.  The judge is going to take note if you are rude.  Last, but certainly not least, tell the truth.  If you think that you can get away with telling a story that is not 100 percent true, you are in for big trouble in the courtroom, because insurance company lawyers are trained in uncovering lies.  Don't be tempted to take that shortcut.  If you have any other questions, order or download a free copy of my book, The Wounded Worker.