Signing Documents After Returning from A Work Injury

Greg Boles
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If you've been hurt at work and you return to work, you may be asked by your employer to sign a Final Receipt.  If you sign the Final Receipt you are acknowledging that you've recovered.  If you haven't recovered, insist that they provide you with a Supplemental Agreement.  A Supplemental Agreement may state that you've returned to work at wages equal to or greater than your pre‑injury wages.  If you returned to restricted duty at a loss of wage, the Supplemental Agreement should say that you've returned at wages less than your pre‑injury wages.  In the alternative, you may get a Notification of Suspension sent to you by your employer or the insurance company. This notice may state that you have retunrd to work at no loss of wage or that you returned but are suffering an ongoing wage loss. If the notice is not accurate, you must file an appeal within 20 days of the date you received the notice. 

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