The Wounded Worker: Inside the Pennsylvania Workers' Comp Maze

Greg Boles
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My name is Greg Boles.  I'm the author of The Wounded Worker: Inside the Pennsylvania Workers' Comp Maze.  This book is the ultimate insider's guide to the Pennsylvania workers' compensation system. 

Let me ask you something.  Do you really need a lawyer?  Are there things that you can do to get your claim accepted without a lawyer?  If you do need a lawyer, how do you get one?  How do you pick a doctor?  Would you ever dream of going into a courtroom without understanding what it is you're going to testify about and how to present that testimony effectively?  If you're injured and you're working light duty, what are the seven ugliest tactics that employers use to harass injured workers?  These are some of the things you can learn by ordering The Wounded Worker.  To get a paper copy of The Wounded Worker, complete the form on this page or, if you prefer, download a copy by clicking here.